Earlier on Tuesday, reports surfaced online that Lamar Odom and his friends were involved in altercation last week where multiple shots were fired. Odom and his friends were reportedly at a Hooters in Queens, NY late on July 20 when the altercation took place.

It’s unclear at the moment what happened to cause the shooting, but Odom and his friends were said to be involved. However that’s not entirely true according to Odom. The former LA Laker player took to social media on Tuesday afternoon to clear up what actually happened that night, saying that he was just around the scene, but was not in any way involved.

“I want to let my fans know Im OK. Thanks for your messages I will try to respond to as many fans I can,” he wrote. “Just to share the " truth" here with you all. I was near the scene when it just happened and not involved in any way ! @TMZ” he added.

Police are still searching for the shooter that night, but it’s probably unlikely he’ll get caught now.

Check out Lamar’s response (below), and we’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.