We’re now a few months removed from Lamar Odom’s nearly-fatal overdose in a Nevada brothel. Since then, the former Los Angeles Laker has made a stunning recovery, appearing on Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” as part of the Lamar and Khloe storyline.

The episode featured never-before-seen photographs and behind-the-scenes videos of Odom’s time in the hospital and recovering. Most amazingly, Kim Kardashian at one point says Odom told her, “Kanye’s music helped me so much. That’s when I realized I could start thinking again and things were coming back to me and I could start articulating it.” More pointedly, Khloe related that one of Lamar Odom’s common refrains is, “Kanye saved me.”

It’s common for people to place great importance on different parts of their life (like the music they are listening to) when they go through a meaningful or traumatic experience. For Odom, that music happened to be The Life of Pablo. However, with all the gospel influences throughout the album, there are definitely people who will read it the other way.

[via SportingNews]