Lamar Odom is the phoenix that continues to rise from the ashes, and for that reason, you just want to see him do well. But doing well is a benefactor of doing right by your woman and Odom just can't seem to get that part right. When Odom and Khloe Kardashian went left, Sabrina Parr quickly came into the former NBA player's life and things started to come together.

Their engagement party was just a few weeks ago and shortly after all bets were called off and Parr was asking for "prayers for everyone involved." As of recent, Odom is accusing Parr of holding his social media accounts hostage.

Parr strongly denied these accusations and claims she finds them very disappointing. Parr shares that "[she] chose to move in silence about the situation & suggests [Lamar] do the same."

Yikes. Lamar pulled out the receipts. This is all not very merry and jolly–where is the holiday spirit?

Again, Parr denies it all and has a few receipts of her own.

For now, Lamar's got the last word and is holding on to his story.

Now, you are up-to-date. No need to thank me. Who do y'all believe?