Lamar Jackson has proven himself to be an exceptional talent on the football field over the past few years. Last season, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback ended up winning the NFL MVP trophy although his season stalled out in the playoffs despite being the favorites to go out and win the Super Bowl. Now, Jackson is enjoying his time off before he has to go back to training camp before the start of the 2020 season. 

Recently, Jackson was minding his business on Twitter when he was reminded of the time Jaire Alexander, his college teammate, had a heartwarming reaction to Jackson being drafted by the Ravens. Jackson commented on the video and immediately received a ringing endorsement from President Donald Trump who called the Ravens superstar a "great pick." Jackson took note of the President's kind words and said "Truzz Trump."

As you can imagine, Jackson's replies became a cesspool of people taking the acknowledgment the wrong way. Now, fans are claiming that Jackson is a MAGA supporter although it's impossible to know that based on his two-word tweet. Regardless, we live in sensitive times and when the President is divisive, these are the kinds of reactions you get.

We're sure Jackson didn't expect his tweet to get so much traction but such is life in the world of a professional athlete.