Just a few weeks ago now, the Baltimore Ravens announced that they would be signing Dez Bryant to their roster. Bryant hasn't played an NFL game since 2017 although there is no denying he is a wide receiver with a lot of talent. For now, Bryant has been placed on the practice squad and once he has a good sense of the offense, he will be able to suit up for the Ravens on Sundays.

Following this signing, Ravens superstar quarterback Lamar Jackson was quite complimentary of Bryant although now, he is really delivering some of the highest praise out there. While speaking with reporters, via USA Today, Jackson explained that Bryant has been extremely engaged when it comes to the offense and that in terms of physical ability, he looks as explosive as ever.

Dez Bryant

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

“Oh man, he’s a great route runner, strong hands, he’s dialed into the playbook; he’s always asking me questions about the playbook – stuff like that,” Jackson said. “He wants to compete. I just can’t wait until he gets out there with us on Sundays and fully practices with us.”

While it is still unclear as to when we will see Bryant out on the field, it has become obvious that he should be out there sooner rather than later.