Lamar Jackson became a breakout star in the NFL last season thanks to his dual-threat capabilities with the Baltimore Ravens. Jackson won the MVP award and was given various nicknames such as "Action Jackson," "Lamarvelous," and "Not bad for a running back." These are all nicknames that are unique to the Ravens standout and as you can imagine, companies are already looking to profit on his likeness.

Jackson is already starting to feel the effects of this and according to TMZ, he has launched a lawsuit against Amazon for allowing third-party vendors to sell merchandise with his name and likeness. As Jackson explains, he never signed off on these designs and believes Amazon is on the hook for large amounts of money that he missed out on due to the profiteering of his name.

Lamar Jackson

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The quarterback is worried that fans purchasing the items believe he is behind them. This ultimately creates some confusion amongst consumers and Jackson wants to put a stop to it. In the lawsuit, Jackson is demanding that Amazon take the items down while also paying him damages. Jackson feels like his brand has been damaged due to this and is looking for a quick resolution.

Amazon has yet to respond to the lawsuit so stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.