Following last season, it became clear that Lamar Jackson is here to stay. While his rookie season came with some detractors, his sophomore season was proof of just how dominant he can be when it comes to both passing and running the football. Jackson has a ton of weapons to work with, although the Ravens could definitely use some help when it comes to their wide receiving core. With this in mind, Jackson has been using the past few months to advocate for the Ravens signing of Antonio Brown.

In fact, Jackson perpetuated the narrative, once again, which led to a stern yet fair reaction from head coach John Harbaugh. According to the NFL Network, Harbaugh expressed mutual interest in AB but noted that the wide receiver is currently being investigated by the league and that they can't really do anything in terms of signing him right now. Harbaugh even said that AB was "unavailable."

For now, Brown's status in the NFL is up for grabs, and it seems unlikely that he will be signed within the coming months. Brown even made an appeal to the league on social media, as he asked for the league's investigation to conclude sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.