Over the weekend, Lala Anthony took to the American Music Awards stage to perform her new collaborative track "Melanin" alongside one of her best friends, Ciara, who happened to be the host of the ceremony. The attention shifted from Lala to her on-again-off-again husband Carmelo Anthony as he and the Portland Trail Blazers took on the Chicago Bulls at the United Center in the Windy City.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

It was a good night for Anthony as he was able to secure 25 points, eight rebounds, and two assists, helping to lead his team to victory over the Bulls at 117-94. Lala was in attendance on the sidelines making sure that their 12-year-old, Kiyan Anthony, was able to watch it all go down in real-time on FaceTime. 

In a clip shared by the Trail Blazers, Lala is seen holding up the phone so that the father-son duo can catch a moment together. Carmelo finally sees his boy on camera he gives him a salute. When news broke that Carmelo inked a deal with the Oregon team, Lala shared her support on Instagram by uploading a photo of Carmelo and Kiyan together.

"He is his dad’s #1 fan & super excited for this new opportunity...but when it’s all said and done, he’s still a 12yr old that is going to miss his dad 😢🙏🏽🏀Portland you got a great one 🏀🙏🏽#portlandtrailblazers #stayme7o," Lala wrote. Watch the clip of the family below.