For those of you who are regular Instagram users, you've probably noticed that there has been an influx of Live sessions. People are passing the time by live-streaming any and everything, including celebrities who are chatting with one another via social media. Last week, Lala Anthony and one of her best friends, Kelly Rowland, shared a screen and the singer talked about her favorite sex toys. The pair of besties have returned but this time they both discussed their kinks and what they like to do in the bedroom.

Lala Anthony, Kelly Rowland, Sex Positions
Imeh Akpanudosen / Stringer / Getty Images

"Hit it from the back or missionary?" Kelly asked Lala. "Um, so wait. Is that a question for me or is that a question for everybody watching?" Lala answered. The "Coffee" singer replied with a laugh, "Either or, darling." Lala gave an answer and said, "Hit it from the back. I think that missionary is, and can be, boring as hell and I think if you only do missionary then I'm going to consider you a very lazy person. It's the easy way out. Flip that thing round, now we talkin'."

Then, someone in the comments wrote that they prefer "from the side" as a sex position option. Kelly Rowland enthusiastically agreed and said, "Just the thought of it is...that's great." The singer added that she's a "ride or die chick," insinuating that she likes to be on top during sex. "I'm a f*cking rider," Kelly added. Check out these two laughing their way through the sex position talk below.