Over the last few months, the Los Angeles Lakers have been the undisputed laughing stock of the entire NBA. It's been a sad few weeks to be a Lakers fan as everything that could possibly go wrong, has gone wrong. From not making the playoffs to not getting the coach they wanted, the team has been making some very strange moves. Of course, you can't forget Magic Johnson quitting the team and complaining about GM Rob Pelinka on National Television

Today, things got even worse for the franchise as ESPN's Baxter Holmes wrote an in-depth piece about the Lakers dysfunction this season. There were quite a few gems from the piece, including the fact that Johnson was allegedly abusive to members of the staff. It was also revealed that some players were upset with LeBron James and his role in the Anthony Davis fiasco. Not to mention, James' agent Rich Paul reportedly complained to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver about the job head coach Luke Walton is doing. Also, how can you forget about Pelinka making up a story about Kobe and Heath Ledger?

With all of this in mind, Twitter did their thing today as they unleashed their wrath on the Lakers and their embarrassing last couple of years. Check out some of the best memes below as we can assure you, you'll get a good laugh.

As for Lakers fans, well, use the comments as a way to get some of your frustrations out. This is a safe space to reveal your true feelings.