The Los Angeles Lakers-Houston Rockets rivalry is here to stay. The Lakers have definitely chosen to back their guy Rajon Rondo in the ensuing battle of conflicting reports. From a (television) distance, you can't really make out whether Rondo spat on Chris Paul yesterday evening, in the 4th quarter of yesterday's 124-115 Rockets win. 

Apparently, the Lakers have reviewed the tape top to bottom, and are now willing to publicly back their point guard should he face an arbitration from the league's head office. Brandon Ingram's conduct is far less defensible if you consider his role in instigating the entire ordeal. but for now, the debate is over what the camera has obscured, there can be only one fibber.

The Houston Rockets, on their side of the fence, are sticking to their laurels as well. Their guy, the venerable Chris Paul, hasn't changed his story to reflect what little evidence we have at our disposal, to either prove or disprove the climactic point once and for all. A source that knows both players intimately says a "Lot of history between them," may have contributed to the fight reaching its point of escalation. We'll have to wait and see what the NBA decides in the matter.