The news coming out of Los Angeles appears to indicate that a Laker other than LeBron James will be shut down for the remainder of the season. The Laker player in question is none other than Brandon Ingram, whose sore shoulder ruled him out of the past two contests. The NBA community has since learned that his sore shoulder has been sensationally downgraded to a season-ending injury.


Although the Lakers' brass is still holding out for Ingram to return sometime before the season comes to an end, the medical staff isn't exactly hedging their bets on that happening. Their diagnosis of a deep vein thrombosis in his right arm runs Ingram the risk of blood clotting, or perhaps even worse if the ailment isn't handled with care.

Earlier in the week, coach Walton told the press that Ingram was dealing with pain every time he raised his right arm. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect a diagnosis this grave.

News of Ingram's diagnosis comes in the wake of another reversal: that of Lonzo Ball's injury status. n all likelihood, Lonzo will suffer the same fate as Ingram, over the middling bone bruise that's kept him out since January.

Coach Walton told ESPN that Ball hasn't done anything but a few choice dribbling drills and some flat-footed shooting exercises since he could the tumble. Funny thing is, both Ball and Ingram could be traded in the offseason for all they know, so in an ironic twist of fate: both these Lakers' pieces may have played their last games with the purple and gold, think about it.