Jeanie Buss has been at the helm of the Los Angeles Lakers for a while now and over the years, she has received a ton of abuse from fans who might not agree with her management. This past week though, she received a truly disgusting letter that would probably come as a shock to many Lakers fans. Throughout the letter, she is called derogatory words, along with other Lakers players. From there, the man named Joe tells her to "go to hell and join Kobe Bryant."

It's a truly shocking display of hatred and ignorance that has no place in society. Buss tried to make the best of the situation by posting the letter to her Instagram story, where she urged people to be better, while also reminding the world that racism is alive and well in the United States.

Per Jeanie Buss:

"To Joe: Did sending this letter make you feel better?  Really all you did was waste your time, and energy and your postage stamp. (But thank you for including your return home address) Why don’t you look in the mirror and see your ugliness because I refuse to. I have received letters like this over the years. The advice I always got? “Ignore it.” I did. But not anymore. On this day, Juneteenth, I ask my white friends to join together, acknowledge the racism that exists in our country and around the world, and pledge to stop ignoring it. We all must do better."

Hopefully, the man who wrote this letter will learn from his disgusting mistake. Although when you write such vile words, there is typically a lot of work to do before you unlearn such toxic thinking.