Los Angeles Lakers center JaVale McGee, aka Pierre, has released a new song today titled, "Ain't Talkin' Bout Nothin'" following up the release of his album "Pierre" which dropped back in April. 

McGee, who will be starting at center for the new-look Lakers this season, recently sat down with Bleacher Report and explained that he produced the song's beat over the summer while in Atlanta, and a few of his musician friends handled the rest. During his interview with B/R, McGee talked about all things music, including his recording studio in Inglewood and his favorite artists right now.

B/R: Who do you like to listen to?

JM:Drake, Future, Young Thug, Migos, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty. And you see a trend for Atlanta-based rappers just because I really like the way that they make music for not necessarily dancing, but it makes you bop your head. That's more my vibe. Some R&B, but my niche I think is making more Atlanta trap-type music.

The 30-year old center also answered some questions about his new teammates, some of which, like Lonzo Ball and Lance Stephenson, have also recorded their own tracks in the past. JaVale tells B/R, "We always talk about music, and when we're coming out with songs, we try to support each other, try to show love. During the season, the main focus is always basketball. You don't want people to take that as you're not focused on your craft, but everyone has something else they're passionate about, and music happened to be mine."

You can listen to JaVale's new song"Ain't Talkin' Bout Nothin'" below.