You can blame NBA punditry all you want, but Lakers' fans will never just how close they were of landing Kawhi Leonard in free agency. For all they know, LeBron's courtship may have been a simple courtesy, on the part of Kawhi's acquiescence. There's a strong possibility that had the Clippers not clinched a deal for Paul George of another max-level talent, Leonard may have re-signed in Toronto. Admittedly, what is done is done.

Don't tell that to a Lakers' fans on social media, who upon learning of their team's "frontrunner" status, built up their expectations of landing Kawhi to an unsustainable level, while gluing themselves to Woj's Twitter feed for updates, as did the Raptors' loyalist - already somewhat resigned to their fate of losing Leonard. With Kawhi choosing the Clippers, the anticipation quickly reared its ugly head, into a rhetorical gong show.

Understandably, it's the Lakers' mindset to impose their will on Clippers' franchise, and under no circumstances is their subordinate stepchild to outbid them on a free agent, much less a generational talent like Kawhi Leonard. Below is just the beginning what is likely to be a weeklong grievance period for the purple and gold. Cheer up, you've signed Danny Green and JaVale McGee on two-year deals!