When the season started, fans knew the Milwaukee Bucks were going to be great but no one expected them to go on an 18-game winning streak with a record of 24-4. The same can be said of the Los Angeles Lakers who are first place in the Western Conference with the exact same record as the Bucks. This past week, the Lakers have been on a road trip and tonight, they play the Bucks for a battle of the first-place teams. Fans are excited to finally see this matchup as it could be a preview for the NBA Finals.

What makes this matchup so interesting is that it's the first time in NBA history that two teams with less than five losses, this late in the season, are playing each other, according to Yahoo! Sports. It may seem like a fairly specific stat but it's interesting nonetheless.


Another reason why this game will be so great is that it sees LeBron James take on the almighty Giannis Antetokounmpo. Both players are on MVP trajectories this season and are on a collision course for the playoffs. Even if you're a casual NBA fan, this is definitely a game you have to watch.

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