Every year, Forbes comes through with a plethora of lists that tell us who the richest people and most valuable entities are. This list leaves us regular folk feeling pretty poor and insignificant but either way, what's life without being able to look up to people who have more money than you. This past week, Forbes revealed their list of the top 50 most valuable sports teams in the world and as you would expect, there are quite a few NFL and NBA teams on the list.

As far as the most valuable team in the world, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are at the top of the list thanks to an evaluation of $5 billion. Coming in second are the New York Yankees at $4.6 billion and Real Madrid was third at $4.24 billion.


When it comes to the NBA though, it's the New York Yankees who top the list at an evaluation of $4 billion. The Los Angeles Lakers aren't too far behind though as their evaluation is $3.7 billion. Perhaps the most surprising fact here is that the Golden State Warriors are only a few hundred million behind the Lakers at $3.5 billion. Perhaps this figure can be related to the team's success over the past five seasons where they made the NBA Finals every year and won three championships.

It must be nice being the owner of one of these teams.