Looks like LaKeith Standfield is in a playful mood.  This time around, his jokes come at the expense of the fragile hearts of Atlanta die-hards as the actor, responsible for the impressive portrayal of starring character Darius on the FX series has given us not one, not two, not three—we lost count. The point is that we've now gotten several dates for the potential arrival of the highly-anticipated second season of Atlanta, and we don't know how to feel. 

It was in an Instagram photo, in which Stanfield is seen posted up with other cast members that he originally wrote, "Don't Call It Season 2. Tis' Robbin Season. February 2018." You'll imagine the frenzy that the internet soon entered upon the prospect of the second season of a show lauded for its core cast of Black leads making its return in Black History Month.  


But, he'd soon take advantage of that handy 'editing' tool on Instagram to deliver on a revised caption, switching 'February' to 'April.' In giving Stanfield the benefit of the doubt, this first edit could have been chalked up to a miscommunication the first go-around. Sure, we wouldn't get that powerful coincidence, but the Spring of 2018 is still a fair shot, right? But, the games didn't stop there. Sunday afternoon, he delivered on yet another revision, switching that 'April' to a 'December.' This 'December' would soon transform into 'March 2019,' and you pretty much get the picture. 

As of this writing, Lakeith Stanfield's caption reads "FEBRUARY 2020," and we've officially had our fill of fun for the day. We'll go ahead and let FX drop that date when they're good and ready. The good news is that Atlanta has officially wrapped filming for Season 2. So, we probably won't have to wait until 2020 to  see the end result.