Hundreds of thousands of people have shared their takeaways from the first vice presidential debate of the 2020 Election season, but Lakeith Stanfield has captured attention. The accomplished actor voiced his thoughts over on his Instagram page and one post included a split-screen photo of Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. "I don’t like her hair, but other than that this is better than the last one but still sad," Stanfield captioned the image. Quickly, some people commented that he was being disrespectful. "You have a powerful voice, use it wisely," one person stated.

LaKeith Stanfield, Kamala Harris, Vice Presidential Debate, Hair, Black Women
Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

The actor took a moment to respond. "I say what i want on my page," he wrote. "Where are all you warriors of power when i post about the things that i believe in and support? You won't pressure me into speaking how YOU think i should speak." The Shade Room shared screenshots of the exchange, and soon, Lakeith Stanfield was inundated with Instagram users who accused him of hating black women.

Stanfield returned with a video where he speaks directly to the camera and vocalizes his adoration and support of Black women. He wrote in the caption, "Welcome everyone from shaderoom lol. This is from years ago but let me happen to not favor Kamalas hair and suddenly i hate black women. Y’all know that isn’t true." Those who defended the actor pointed out the absurdity of the allegations, so check out bits from the controversy below along with a few mixed reactions.