When a person shares news about a breakup, it’s typically customary to give them at least a few days (at the very minimum) to grieve before swooping in to shoot your shot. Apparently, LaKeith Stanfield didn’t get the memo, as he didn’t waste any time reaching out to Grimes after Elon Musk revealed the pair’s separation this morning.

“Grimes are you taking applications,” Stanfield wrote in his notes app before taking a screenshot and posting it to his Instagram feed. “Asking for a friend,” he joked in the caption.


The since-deleted post was snagged by The Shade Room, who reposted it to their own page. 

Some people in the comments couldn’t help but tease the actor’s thirstiness by referencing his role in the horror movie, Get Out, when he‘s captured by an evil white family with very ill intentions.

“It’s giving sunken place,” one person wrote. “Oh so this n*gga ain’t learn from Get Out?” 

“This why he got murked in Get Out,” another reply reads.

Seeing as the post was removed, it’s not impossible that Grimes saw the message and decided to respond, or Stanfield simply could’ve changed his mind - time will tell.

The mother of one has yet to comment on Musk’s announcement from earlier today. “We are semi-separated but still love each other, see each other frequently and are on great terms, he told Page Six.

Stanfield isn’t the only celebrity reaching out to Grimes post-breakup. Just a few hours ago, Azealia Banks also shared news of the couple’s split to her story, calling Musk “apartheid Clyde” and asking the Canadian if she wants to “finish those darn songs” they were infamously supposed to make back in 2018.

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