Chief Keef has had dialogues with pop stars before--you may remember his short-lived "beef" with Katy Perry earlier this year--but his exchange with Lady Gaga last night following her AMA interview was a much more positive, though no less hilarious encounter.

On the red carpet of yesterday's awards ceremony, Gaga was asked what music she's been into lately, to which she responded rather surprisingly. “I’ve been listening to a lot of Chief Keef, so I’m kinda into Chicago music right now,” said the diva, who worked with Chi-town's R. Kelly and Twista on her new record. “I was living there for a while, so we’ve been listening to a lot of his records. I’m a big fan.”

Keef returned the praise via Twitter shortly thereafter. “I love Lady Gaga For Sayin She Listens to a lot of me and What’s so crazy I was jus Watchin Dis redcarpet shit Like damn dis Girl fine,” he said, before adding, “Love You Lady Gaga.”

Could we get a collaboration from these two? Is that something we want to hear?

[UPDATE: More Lady Gaga & Chief Keef Interaction On Twitter]

Could this flirting turn into something more? Chief Keef declared his love for Lady Gaga the night of the AMAs, after Gaga had given him a shout-out on the red carpet. Keef has one-upped that now, by revealing on Twitter that he named a song after the pop queen.

Lady Gaga in turn responded to Keef, thanking and complimenting the Chicago native. "THIS IS THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER you look hot in that instagram," Gaga said. It doesn't end there, Keef then asked the pop star to DM him...We can only guess what might have went down in the DMS. 

Would it be weird if Gaga and Keef started dating?