Throughout this quarantine, 50 Cent has been trolling the living hell out of his girlfriend Cuban Link. The most recent example of their hilarious roast sessions came this weekend after Fif complained about the home cooking he's been subjected to, clowning his significant other's skills in the kitchen.

As far as his relationship goes with La La Anthony, the two are simply co-stars, having worked closely together on Power for years. Their bond never turned romantic so Cuban Link shouldn't be threatened by the actress, even though her man was just sneaking into her comments section.

Sharing a thirst trap photo from her time at the beach, La La Anthony laid out in the water and gave her fans a view of her toned behind, peeking out from the waves. 50 Cent saw the picture and felt a need to check in on his friend to ensure that all was right with her. 

"La your boooty is out in the picture, is everything alright," asked the rapper before admitting he was going a little stir crazy as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. "Quarantine is making me nuts. if i read another corona news story i’m gonna faint."

Take a look at the picture that 50 Cent commented on above.

50 Cent La La Anthony