UC safety Kyriq McDonald collapsed on the field and began convulsing during Saturday's matchup between Cincinnati and Ohio State. The collapse came mid-play, and a player began to rush McDonald until he realized the athlete was going down to the ground on his own. The Cincinnati Bearcat was on the ground for several minutes as medical professionals examined him. Players from both teams swarmed around McDonald as he was checked out. The entire stadium was held at a breathless silence the entire time. Soon, McDonald was able to get on his feet with some assistance. He was then carted off the field and was later ruled out of the game. The Ohio State crowd showed immense love for McDonald on his way out.

A UC spokesperson stated that McDonald "was alert and under the supervision" of the team's medical staff as the game headed into halftime. McDonald's mother told ABC's Allison Williams that her son has a history of seizures. McDonald experienced something similar during last year's National Championship. At the time he was playing for Alabama, and he collapsed on the sideline but taken away on a stretcher. An Alabama spokesperson told ESPN that it was a "non-athletic medical issue."