Kyrie Irving's play with the Brooklyn Nets had been nothing short of phenomenal this season. With him playing the point, the Nets were looking unstoppable in the playoffs, and with Kevin Durant and James Harden alongside him, it was hard to bet against them. Unfortunately, Irving suffered an ankle injury during Game 4 of the team's second-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks, and since that time, the Nets have struggled.

While the team won Game 5, they were unable to win Game 6 last night, and now, they are headed towards a Game 7. While some fans were hopeful that Kyrie could be back in time for the pivotal matchup, it has now been revealed that Kyrie simply won't be ready. This news comes from Steve Nash, who gave the update to Malika Andrews of ESPN.

Now, the Nets will have to rely on KD and Harden, who have been doing their best in Kyrie's absence. Durant put up an all-time great performance in Game 5 and he dropped another 32 points in Game 6. If the Nets want to move on to the Conference Finals, they will need both KD and Harden to put up career numbers.

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Kyrie Irving

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