Kyrie Irving has been in the news quite a bit this season and it hasn't always been for the best of reasons. Despite his charitable donations to his community, Irving has come under fire for his critiques of the media. He was also thrust into the spotlight this past week as he was caught on camera at a party while maskless. This act was committed in the midst of his personal absence from the Brooklyn Nets, which led to an investigation from the league.

Today, Irving was fined $50,000 for his actions although he was told he could come back to the Nets on Saturday when the team takes on the Orlando Magic. Fans were excited about this return, however, they're going to have to wait a bit longer as according to Malika Andrews of ESPN, Kyrie's return has been delayed. 

Thanks to the league's COVID protocols, it seems like Kyrie actually has to wait a while longer. Not to mention, since he missed some time on the court, he will have to participate in an increasing amount of practices so that his play is up to standard.

This certainly isn't the news Nets fans wanted to hear right now, although they can rest assured that Irving is excited to come back and that he should be on the court in no time.

Kyrie Irving

Sarah Stier/Getty Images