Kyrie Irving always seems to get the media riled up whenever he speaks, although it's usually for good reason. The Brooklyn Nets point guard has had a well-documented history of making bizarre comments and when he says something divisive, he gets called out. Irving has also been the subject of unfair treatment in the media, especially when it comes to his social justice efforts. Having said this, it wasn't all that surprising when the media freaked out a few months ago after Irving said “I don’t really see us having a head coach.”

Irving was referring to first-year head coach and NBA legend Steve Nash. Kyrie never meant to do harm to his coach although after playing a preseason game under his wing, the point guard is now walking back his previous statement. While speaking to the media after last night's game against the Wizards, Kyrie expressed his regrets.

Last night was also massive for Kyrie as it was the first time he got to play with his brand new teammate, Kevin Durant. The two combined for 33 points and their chemistry appeared to be on-point. Fans were glad to see Durant back out on the court and moving forward, the Nets look like the team to beat in the East.

Hopefully, for Nash, Kyrie's love for him holds strong throughout the season.

Kyrie Irving

Al Bello/Getty Images