Boston Celtics All Star point guard Kyrie Irving has reportedly signed on to star in, and executive produce, an upcoming film about Oklahoma's infamous Skirvin Hotel.

Numerous NBA teams, including those which Irving has played on, have stayed at the Skirvin Hotel over the years but some players refuse to stay there because of its haunted reputation.

“Having had my own interesting experiences at the Skirvin Hotel, I connected with this idea immediately,” said Irving (H/T Variety). “To work with Brian Grazer is a dream come true, and I’m excited to bring this project to life with the Imagine Entertainment team.”

The hotel was opened in 1911, and the paranormal activity is believed to have started in the 1930s when the hotel’s owner had an affair with a chambermaid, leading to her tragic death. The horror film, produced by Imagine Entertainment chairman Brian Grazer and Bobby Cohen, will blend scares with satire, wit and social commentary inspired by the history of the Skirvin Hotel, according to Variety.

"I’d heard rumors about the Skirvin before, but once we realized that by coupling the deliciously eerie with the fascinatingly relevant, we were on to something big with this one,” Cohen said. “Kyrie is an ideal collaborator and this is a great movie to make with Imagine.”