Despite not having any games for the last three months, the last little while has been pretty busy for the NBA. They have been hard at work trying to find a plan to re-open the league and as it stands, July 30th seems to be the target date. When the NBA restarts, every single game will be taking place inside of a bubble city in Orlando, Florida and the players are going to be very restricted when it comes to movement. Essentially, players will be forced to stay within a small area and some won't be able to see their family and friends.

Some players aren't happy about this and are trying to find a way to get the NBA to change some of their plans. According to Taylor Rooks and Howard Beck of Bleacher Report, Kyrie Irving is apparently leading this charge and plans to host a Zoom call with 200 NBA players tonight. This call will see players voice their concerns while standing together in solidarity.

This group is opposed to restarting the season within the NBA's rules and want to see some changes before they go to Orlando. Two-hundred players account for close to 40 percent of the league which means Adam Silver definitely has some incoming pressure on his hands.

If he can't find a solution that works for everyone, there might not be an ending to this season.