Kyrie Irving visited with Hot 97 today ahead of the release of his "Uncle Drew" movie to talk about all things basketball and life in general, including the trade that sent him from Cleveland to Boston and his relationship with Kehlani.

In talking hoops, the conversation shifted to the NBA MVP award, which was presented to Houston Rockets' guard James Harden earlier this week at the second annual NBA Awards. Kyrie says he was happy for Harden, but added that the NBA MVP was definitely his former teammate, LeBron James. 

Kyrie's conversation with Hot 97 regarding the NBA MVP (H/T Slam):

Do you like that James Harden got the MVP?

Kyrie: “I was happy for him.”

Do you agree?

Kyrie: “I didn’t vote. I didn’t vote. I think MVP is hard to gauge nowadays because now you have the people’s MVP and the NBA’s MVP.

“I think the people’s MVP was definitely James, but the NBA MVP was definitely Bron.”

So you think LeBron should have gotten the MVP.

Kyrie: “I mean, if we’re talking strictly based off stats, he checks every mark.”

It’s him every year, though, in that regard. Does anyone do more for a team than LeBron does?

Kyrie: [Shakes head] “I don’t know. He’s incredible.”

As far as stats are concerned, Harden led all scorers with 30.4 points per game, while LeBron averaged 27.5 points, 9.1 assists and 8.6 rebounds. Not to mention, LeBron single handedly led a mediocre Cavs squad to the NBA Finals.

Check out footage of the MVP talk in the tweet embedded below, followed by a full video of Irving's chat with Hot 97.