The Cleveland Cavaliers will be receiving their championship rings tonight right before they tip off the new NBA season against the New York Knicks. 

For most Cavs players, this will be their first NBA championship ring but that isn't going to prevent Kyrie Irving from giving his jewelry away. Irving recently spoke about the upcoming ring ceremony in which he revealed he'll be giving his championship hardware to his father, which he does with most of his trophies. 

From's Joe Vardon.

"I'm excited to give my dad the ring and really gift it to him, and now it will be time to turn over a new leaf" on a new season, Irving said Saturday.

Irving's father played professionally for a time in Australia, taught him basketball, and raised Irving and his siblings when the boy's mother died when he was 4 years old.

"I give my dad almost everything," Irving said. "So, every accomplishment, every MVP award, every trophy that I've had since I was probably about 13 or 12, I've given to my dad."

The Cavs will raise their championship banner and receive their rings during a special ceremony tonight at 7pm, prior to the 7:30 tip off.