Kyrie Irving has never been one to mince words and just a couple of nights ago, he angered some people with his recent opinion on the Brooklyn Nets. Irving said that the team isn't a championship-caliber squad and that they need a few more pieces in order to be competitive. As he explained, himself, Kevin Durant, and DeAndre Jordan aren't enough to make the team what it needs to be. Some were offended by Irving's comments while pundits took it as yet another slight to all of his teammates.

Today, Irving got to answer for himself and explained what he meant by everything. As it turns out, Irving didn't mean to offend anyone although he stands by what he meant. The All-Star point guard was pretty strong in his words and said that people keep talking about everything he says because he has proven himself to be a great player.

"If it's harsh as a leader or it's too much for anybody, you're not in our locker room. Stay the f--- out," Irving said. 

Clearly, Irving is bothered by all the criticism he has received as of late. It's been a stressful time for Irving when you consider how he has missed over half of the season with a shoulder injury. He has a lot of weight on his shoulders now that he's back in the lineup and the extra media coverage isn't exactly helping.