With NBA free agency officially starting on Sunday, June 30th, the league will be completely reshaped as some of the biggest names in the sport swap teams and pick up some humongous contracts. One of the biggest players in free agency is Kyrie Irving who has had a public falling out with the Boston Celtics over the last month or so. It is believed that Irving ghosted the team and is looking at signing a contract with the Brooklyn Nets, although not if the Los Angeles Lakers have anything to say about it.

ESPN reporter Jackie Macmullan has been on the frontlines when it comes to Kyrie's situation with the Celtics and she's been bringing some pretty interesting details to light. According to Macmullan, Irving disliked living in Boston and wasn't a big fan of head coach Brad Stevens. What's more surprising, is that Irving reportedly had very little interest in team bonding and refused to take part in charity initiatives.

Every year, the Celtics prepare 100 green basketballs which are auctioned off to the team's charitable partners. The balls are signed by every member of the team and according to Macmullan, Irving refused saying "No, I'm not interested in that."

Someone in the comments to the tweet above tried to refute the claims by saying they had one of the balls and that it was, in fact, signed by Kyrie. The man got quite a few replies saying the ball was from last season and that it doesn't prove Macmullan's report to be false.