There has been a flurry of rumors surrounding Kyrie Irving and what he will decide to do during the offseason when it comes to where he intends to play next year. It feels as though the superstar point guard is fed up with the Celtics, with the feeling being mutual. Some of the teams that are reportedly on the top of Irving's list are the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. While some may say it's a reach, others are convinced that Irving might want to join LeBron James in Los Angeles.

One of those reporters is Brian Windhorst of ESPN, who explained that while Irving was hesitant about rejoining LeBron, he's actually starting to warm up to the idea. Even if the Lakers are low on Irving's priority list, Windhorst believes it's a real possibility that the Lakers are able to snag him in free agency.

John McCoy/Getty Images

Earlier in the season, Irving actually called LeBron to apologize for his behavior when they played together in Cleveland. Kyrie explained that he was having a hard time with his leadership role and wanted some advice from the three-time champion.

Of course, Windhorst has been known to be the resident LeBron insider over at ESPN so these reports should only be taken as rumors for now. We'll only know where Kyrie is going once he actually signs somewhere.