Kyrie Irving has always prided himself on being an "independent thinker." On numerous occasions, Irving has accused people of being sheep, pawns, or puppets for the way they conduct themselves. Throughout the years, he has offered up some conspiracy theories all while saying that the earth is flat. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Kyrie might have some unique thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the NBA starting up in October, many teams are heading back to the court where they will get to play in front of thousands of fans. Many cities have implemented vaccine mandates which means players will have to adapt, otherwise, they might not get to play. This is currently happening to Andrew Wiggins of the Warriors, and the same fate could be bestowed upon Kyrie, as well.

Kyrie Irving

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According to Fox Sports, numerous sources have noted that Kyrie is not vaccinated and that he hasn't even received his first shot. Vaccines have been made widely available to the players, but Kyrie has yet to budge on his position. Nets GM wouldn't implicate Kyrie, although he did speak on his team's playing status, noting “Regarding if they could play today, I can’t comment on who could play and so forth. There would obviously be a couple people missing from that picture. I won’t get into who it is, but we feel confident in the following several days before camp everybody would be allowed to participate and so forth.”

There are some athletes who are trying to apply for various exemptions, which could prove to be what gets Kyrie on the court. Otherwise, it could be a very long and trying season for a Nets team who is looking to win the championship.

Kyrie Irving

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