Kyrie Irving has made a big return to Instagram over the last week and he's been giving people some insight into his life. Of course, Irving has a big decision to make this offseason in terms of where he's going to be playing basketball next season. While Kyrie has a future to plan out, he's also been having some fun back in New Jersey where he grew up and even got the chance to speak to his old middle school crossing guard.

Today, Irving gave us some insight into his love life as he posted a video with Marlene Wilkerson, who is a full-time beauty YouTuber who goes by the name The Find Guru. In the caption, Irving writes "'I guess the light I see in you is what you see in me, Lord…' My Beautiful Find Guru, My Queen. My Light." The caption all but confirms that they're dating and seem to be incredibly happy.

Wilkerson's Instagram account currently boasts 390k followers while she has a whopping 561k subscribers on YouTube. Her channel has just under 32 million total views and according to the video found here, she makes $20,000 a month which goes to show the business acumen she's been able to acquire.

While Kyrie spends some time with his new boo, where do you think he'll end up this offseason?