Future NBA Hall of Famer, Kevin Garnett, knows what it's like to compete for, and win, a championship in Boston - and he says it's definitely not for everyone. That includes former Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving, who Garnett believes didn't have the stones to play for Boston's beloved basketball team.

According to the New York Daily News' Stefan Bondy, KG was in New York on Tuesday as part of a press run for his new film with Adam Sandler, “Uncut Gems,” when he was questioned about Kyrie's time with the Celtics. When asked if he was surprised that Irving left the C's to sign with the Nets, Garnett explained that you need some "major cojones" to play in Boston.


“No,” [Garnett] said flatly, when asked whether he was surprised Kyrie Irving left Boston.

“Boston’s a tough town, dawg. You have to have some major cojones to be there,” Garnett said. “You got to want that. The people want it for you. That’s why Paul (Pierce) is perfect for it. Paul wants the shot every time. Like, ‘You’re 0-for-14.’ And he’s like, ‘I know, but they WANT it.'”

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

On top of that, Garnett revealed that he thinks Kyrie and Kevin Durant would have been better served signing with the New York Knicks.


“If they did the Nets, I thought they should have done the Knicks, if I’m being honest.” Garnett said. “I’m not a Knick fan by far. But if they come to the city and dominate, man. …The first superstar to hit New York and be vibing is going to be bigger than life. Remember I said that. Any piece of hope in this city is going to skyrocket. People are waiting.”

The Nets recently made the trip up to Boston but Kyrie did not travel with the team as he continues to recover from a shoulder injury. Of course, that didn't stop the Celtics faithful from relentlessly chanting "Kyrie Sucks!" during Boston's 121-110 victory. Irving issued a lengthy response to those fans via IG, which you can check out here.