Kyrie Irving has been in the news quite a bit over the past few days following his recent comments to Kevin Durant about how he finally feels like he has a teammate who can make clutch shots. Various people felt as though this was a big slight to the likes of LeBron James, who is one of the greatest players ever. Kyrie has denied any wrongdoing here and today, he took to his Instagram account and went Live to thousands of fans.

Many thought he would divulge on his LeBron slight, although he did the opposite. Instead, Irving took a laid back demeanor and spoke on a range of topics. At one point, Kyrie talked about Kobe Bryant and how the media used to try and bring him down. With this in mind, Irving urged his fans to remain woke.

“Some people may describe Kob as this ‘fierce competitior, NBA All-Star, MVP, he doesn’t pass.’ Don’t forget that they even tried to crucify and smear my man Kob. Come on. Stay woke. Artist, teacher, philospher, hooper, cultural icon," Irving said.

Irving has always been a huge Kobe fan and was devastated upon the legend's death back in January. The two were incredibly close and based on comments like these, it's clear Kyrie will always have a deep love and respect for the Lakers icon.