If her utterly staggering Instagram follower-count is any indication, it's safe to say that Kylie Jenner has captivated the hearts of millions. It's not exactly clear why, yet like many of life's great mysteries, the answer is probably better left untold. Either way, the reality TV star took a break from doing the family thing to flex her entrepreneurial muscles. In short, she damn near turned the streets of San Francisco into the Battle Of The Bastards from Game Of Thrones. 

TMZ reports that Jenner recently hit up San Fran to promote her temporary pop-up shop, which was said to be selling exclusive merchandise from her cosmetics line. Naturally, the Jenner disciples emerged in spades, with some going so far as to legitimately make camp, with lineups beginning as far back as Wednesday. There's a word for that. Fiend.

Footage reveals a mob of adoring fans screaming at octaves high enough to shatter the eardrums of dogs citywide. According to TMZ, the lineup brought out over 2000 screaming disciples, who formed a line stretching along Union State; rumor has it, if one were to look down upon said line from space, it would be shaped like a capital "L." 

In fact, Jenner's presence literally led to streets being shut down. As for the shop, it opened at 10 AM, and reportedly featured several "San Fran" themed products. If you find yourself questioning the nature of society upon reading this, you are not alone. Oh the humanity.