Kylie Jenner was out celebrating Halloween in a jaw-dropping costume, much like basically every other celebrity on the West Coast. All Hallow's Eve is as much about strutting your unique costume style as it is about scary monsters and mini chocolate bars, and the Kardashian clan member was front and center, posing for pictures with a friend while dressed as an angel. However, the specific way in which those selfies were taken has led fans to speculate that rumors of Jenner's pregnancy are in fact true.

The reality TV star and cosmetics magnate played one half of a sumptuous fire and ice combo last night, clad all in white and sporting some detailed angel's wings, while her friend was dressed completely in red, representing the devil that sits on one shoulder of most people. Whether or not she meant to do this strategically or not, many fans in the comments section for the above photo, around the praise for both Kylie's costume and overall physique, were immediately mindful of the fact that there were no full body shots of the teenage star in her costume. Indeed, anything much below the chest area remained shrouded in photographic secrecy, even a couple of short video clips that were also posted to Jenner's Instagram page.

Many are taking this to mean that Kylie really is pregnant and is hiding her growing midsection from the intense gaze of the camera. With no confirmation publicly coming from her or boyfriend  Travis Scott, there's no way of telling for sure if this was an intentional avoidance or not. However, as per previous reports about the couple's supposed pregnancy, both her and Scott are in full-on prep mode for a new addition to their family. They've reportedly dropped upwards of $70,000 on items for the tyke already but managed to keep other details under wraps when they were spotted together in Houston not long ago.

What do you think? Accidental or strategic camera position? Let us know in the comments.