As we reach the afternoon of Halloween, the celebrity costumes continue with possibly the biggest celebrity in the world: Kylie Jenner. As a person often criticized for the proportions of her body that seem to some more surgical than authentic, Ms. Jenner has decided to embrace the plastic. 

Not in the sense that Juice WRLD means it ("fake!") but more along the lines of Nicki Minaj, the most prominent pop-culture proponent of "Barbie Tingz." In other words, Kylie Jenner has dressed up as a barbie for halloween posted a few photos on her Instagram:

If you don't recognize the caption, which seems unlikely, it is pulled from the ubiquitous "Barbie Girl" by Aqua (who happen to be on tour right now!). Jenner continues the quote in a second post which, in the spirit of halloween, is a little creepy. She looks like she's trying to escape the wrapping of the Barbie box, staring out with melancholy, half-empty eyes: 

The classic and absurd video for Aqua's "Barbie Girl:"