It's the last day of 2019, which means it's time to stop and take a look back at the year, at the good, the bad and the year ahead. But, this can be hard, depending on how your year has gone, so why not take a look back at Kylie Jenner's instead?

Unsurprisingly, Jenner's year-in-review was focused mostly on her new daughter, Stormi, and her daughter's dad, Travis Scott. There was everything from a tender maternity ward moment with Scott, to a summer poolside day with the new kid in June, to a Christmas shot from only ten days ago, all still viewable on her story.

Just as important as looking back at the end of the year, though, is looking forward to the next one and Kylie has decided to illustrate this with sort-of bold symbolic gesture. Her hair, which has been black, brown, blonde and pink over the years has been dyed a new colour for 2019. She shared the photo first in her story and then in a permanent post: