It feels like this exact same report has been distributed a handful of times in the last two weeks but, hey, people are fiending for information about Drake and Kylie Jenner's fauxlationship and we've got you covered. Initially, the two were believed to be dating when Jenner was pictured at the artist's birthday party two months ago, directly following her break-up with Travis Scott. Jenner and Drake were in the same section for much of the night and sources claimed that they were casually spending lots of "romantic" time together. The most recent update notes how cautious the billionaire make-up mogul is being, knowing full well that she might end up getting hurt if she ends up getting too attached.

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Drake may claim that his "womanizer" ways are behind him but, apparently, it's still the reason why Kylie Jenner isn't keen on making their bond public. The two have known each other since Jenner was a teenager and even though they're still rumored to be hanging out from time to time, a serious relationship is allegedly out of the question. "She’s smarter than that," said an insider to Page Six, remarking that Drake's previous reputation as a womanizer calls his legitimacy into question. Of course, she was also spotted back with Travis Scott this weekend, with many hinting that they could be considering a romantic reunion.

Whichever way she ends up going, Kylie Jenner will be spending time with one of the most popular musicians on the planet and that's more than most people can say.

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