Kylie Jenner has been MIA for the last 9 months as she did her best to keep her pregnancy a secret. Last weekend, Kylie finally confirmed her pregnancy by announcing that she had given birth to a baby girl. At the same time, she shared a video on YouTube which documented the months of her life she had kept from the public eye, at the same time confirming that her boyfriend Travis Scott, who was also tight-lipped about the rumored pregnancy, was, in fact, the father.

It seems that Kylie is now ready to step back into her fame. Jenner was spotted in L.A. hanging out with her good friend Jordyn Woods on Saturday, where she was naturally met by paparazzi. Though it had been only ten days since Kylie gave birth, she was already back to wearing tight clothing over her small frame as if it was any other day. She was also rocking a Prada fanny pack and some Jordans as she hit the town with Woods.

Kylie and Travis' new baby recently set the record for the most liked Instagram photo of all time, besting Beyoncé's previous record. The two announced that their daughter was named Stormi a few days after she was born, which was greeted with a mixed reception from the public. Twitter had a lot of fun with it at least.