Most babies born in the 90s probably took a few steps courtesy of a baby walker. Although the conception that lets a baby stand and wheel around seems like a good idea, it was banned in Canada in 2004 after thousands of babies got injuries such as skull fractures, head injuries and more. It's for this reason that people were freaking out when Kylie Jenner posted a video of her baby Stormi cruising around in the device. 

"Baby walkers give quick mobility — up to 4 feet per second — to young children before they are developmentally ready. Children at this age are curious, but do not recognize danger," Dr. Gary Smith told CBS News. "It only takes a young sibling to leave the door to the basement stairs open briefly for an injury to occur. A child in a baby walker would be across the room and down the stairs before the parent could respond."

Being as Kylie was walking behind Stormi in the four-second clip via her Instagram story, we think the new mom has a good handle on her daughter's safety. Kim Kardashian previously revealed that she goes to Kylie for tips on all the latest baby gear to grab. "Kylie is up on all the new gadgets and the new baby stuff," Kim said. "But Khloe and I probably have the most similar parenting style and I will usually go to one of my best friends Larsa Pippen because she has four kids for mom advice."

We think its safe to say Kylie knows what she's doing.