Kylie Jenner posted some adorable photos of her daughter Stormi looking all grown up on Instagram yesterday. The little girl donned gold hoop earrings, a Chrome Hearts outfit, and a blinged out handbag as she typed away on a cell phone in one of the snapshots. It’s reported that the outfit retails for approximately $245 and her purse alone is about $595, which is a rhinestone bag from Alexander Wang NY.

"#LOVEOFMYLIFE," Kylie captioned the adorable pics with. (see below)

Despite the cuteness overload, Kylie Jenner has been under fire for dressing Stormi up lately. Some say that Kylie is posing a safety hazard for allowing the little girl to wear adult sized earrings. "Don’t you think she’s too young to wear those?" one fan wrote, while another added. "They could get caught on stuff.”

More people were critical in Stormi’s outfit, saying, “her wardrobe is more than my annual salary," one fan wrote. "She's wearing all of my bank account," another person added. "That bag she's carrying can pay my school fees for a year," a third person chimed in. 

However, Kylie doesn’t seem to be too worried about what other people think as she continues to let Stormi wear her adult-sized accessories and outfits. What do you think? Is Kylie dressing up Stormi too much or nah?