Fans and the media haven't seen Kylie Jenner is quite some time, adding more speculation to her possible pregnancy with her boyfriend, Travis Scott. Her no-show for her family's holiday Christmas cards made things even more believable. New sources have now revealed that the 20-year-old is simply taking some time off to "recharge."

“[Kylie’s] worked hard her entire life, and being a mother will be a lot of work, so now is a chance for her to recharge,” a source reveals to Entertainment Tonight Canada. Khloe Kardashian's confirmed pregnancy with Tristan Thompson may have taken a little attention off Kylie and Travis, but things are back in order as the rumoured birth date is just around the corner. Sources say Kylie is six-months along and will be expecting her first child, that's said to be a girl, in March.

More sources tell HoneyGerman that Kylie is "very happy about the pregnancy" and "doesn’t want to share this with the world.”

Khloe recently paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her upcoming baby, where Ellen when in on Khloe trying to get her to admit if her younger sister is pregnant too. The talk-show host asked Khloe if Kylie is "craving things yet" such as popular mom-to-be cravings. Khloe just smiled and played coy responding with, "what do you mean?" Watch the full interview here.