Fans have been eagerly awaiting Travis Scott's follow-up to Astroworld, though there hasn't been a formal announcement in recent times. He delivered Jackboys in late December and recently dropped off "The Scotts" with Kid Cudi as well as a collaboration with Rosalia. Surely, he has something cooking up and by the looks of Kylie's latest IG post, it appears that he has some new music in the cut coming sometime soon.

Just like "Highest In The Room," the latest launch for Kylie Cosmetics includes a treat for Travis Scott fans. She hit the 'Gram where she shared the commercial, alongside Kendall Jenner, which includes a sample of an unreleased single. It's dark and grim, though it feels like it carries a similar vibe to "The Scotts." Travis has been locked in the studio a lot in recent times, though the coronavirus pandemic did push a lot of major label releases back.

With this newly teased record as well as the release of "The Scotts" a few months back, it seems like a sign that if all goes well, we could end up with a new album from Travis Scott by the end of the year, hopefully.

Check out the snippet below. Are you rocking with it? Sound off in the comment section below.