As convoluted as it might seem to the casual observer, the effects of Kylie and Khloe' filing simultaneous cheating allegations, is but an accepted part of reality for the Jenner-Kardashian magnates. Just as the Tristan Thompson cheating allegations were reaching a boiling point, for all parties involved (and there are too many to list), Kylie Jenner comes out with accusations of her own, directed at the father of her lone child, Travis Scott.

With the cheating accusations still privately bound (for the most part), Kylie decided to blow off some steam, by painting the town "Jenner" with a girls-only dinner party staged at La Pergoletta in Hollywood. The very next day, Kylie Jenner was asked to comment on the situation, but kept mum, choosing instead to pass a bashful message through members of her inner circle. They, in turn, struck a conversation with TMZ, who then distilled the message into a 200-word write up.

According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner isn't ready to blow the whole thing up just yet. Sources who routinely confer with Kylie, confirm that she has every intention to work things out, if at all possible. On the flip side, TMZ spoke with Travis Scott's reps - who short of offering a counter-argument to Jenner's account of "circumstantial evidence," they did, however, reject the notion, their client was capable of cheating, or willing to do so, for that matter. And yet, a bigger question remains: are we witnessing yet another spectacle of nonsense?