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Kylie Jenner Is "Not Confirming" Pregnancy Rumors: Kris Jenner

  Sep 25, 2017 11:56
Kris Jenner gives the world an update on her daughter's rumored pregnancy.

The celebrity gossip world was all abuzz over the weekend after news broke on Friday that Kylie Jenner was supposedly pregnant. According to our initial reports, she and baby daddy Travis Scott had already told some close friends a couple of weeks ago and the Kardashian powers that be family have apparently known for quite some time. However, despite the firestorm of social media speculation that followed the initial bombshell, Kylie's mother Kris Jenner is remaining tight-lipped about any and all details.

This morning on Live with Kelly and Ryan, both Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest immediately turned their attention to the story and wanted to see if they could get any confirmation from a member of the family. "I have not spoken with the family over the weekend," said Seacrest, who is one of the executive producers on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "Kylie was also at our iHeartRadio music festival over the weekend, so, bubbles." We had also confirmed the beauty product magnate's presence at the concert event, chilling backstage with French Montana and a host of other celebs and performers in what was a reportedly wild night. However, there was no word issued from Kylie at that time, although she was wearing baggier clothes that many thought were donned to hide a growing baby bump. That being said, via text message, Kris Jenner issued a statement to both Kelly and Ryan minutes before they went on the air, saying that no confirmation will be had, at leat not right now, about Kylie's supposed pregnancy or anything related to it. 

"Kris says Kylie's not confirming anything," explained Seacrest. ""That's the news from the family this morning. Kylie is not confirming anything." Kris Jenner had previously brushed off rumors of the pregnancy on Saturday, responding to the queries that was fielding with a glib comeback: "It wouldn't be the family if something didn't happen every single day." For now, it doesn't seem like anyone on the Kardashian side of things is prepared to make Kylie's pending mother status official just yet, nor has any additional word floated out from Travis Scott. If an update surfaces, we'll update this ongoing story.

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top comment
One Salty Nigga
- Sep 25, 2017

it means she's getting an abortion.

An Educated Nigga
- Sep 25, 2017

For all those that don't know, Kylie is 100% not pregnant. Let's break it down: 1) KUWTK S10 was about to drop before the rumor 2) Having a child would hurt her brand (especially since it heavily targets teen girls ) Don't be a pawn to the Kardashian Empire. #staywoke

Baseball Junkie
- Sep 25, 2017

She’s getting attention for laying on her back. Hmm okay

She's not pregnant at all lol you idiots just believe anything tmz says when they literally had no proof she's pregnant. She's just not denying it yet because this has her buzzing all over social media

Run for yo lives2357
- Sep 25, 2017

Bitch has gangbanged more than any porn star, prob doesn`t know who came in first.

- Sep 25, 2017

"If an update surfaces, we'll update this ongoing story." Meaning HNHH "writers" will update everyone days after the news has been broke or been updated by actual writers.

It means they've done what they've done best & manipulated the media for a headline, so they can build a plot for the shows. Shoutout Kris for being an ultimate hustler.

One Salty Nigga
- Sep 25, 2017

it means she's getting an abortion.

According to Tmz she's already 4 months pregnant lol. So.. not likely at all. She's not pregnant at all bruh

Cole Da Goat
- Sep 25, 2017

"at leat not right now" smh y'all niggas need to copy and paste y'all shits to word so y'all know when the red squiggly lines hit, you made a boo boo

King Kyrie
- Sep 25, 2017

Not confirming anything? What type of response is that? Is she pregnant or not bitch? Wtf?

She's not pregnant at all but all this has Kylie buzzing even more so they will keep ppl waiting to milk this rumor tmz made up

HNHH with the L
- Sep 25, 2017

Update: she "Got Pregnant" from swallowing.

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