Kylie Jenner was working on vacation. Considering that posting content that generate lots of engagement is crucial for a makeup mogul that promotes her brand on social media, the racy photos she shared from the Bahamas could fall under the category of business. While staying at what was reportedly a $10k/night villa, Kylie took a bunch of high-quality swimsuit shots that have been popping up on our feeds for the past few days. 

Aside from those of her and daughter Stormi in matching Dior outfits, Kylie's posts were largely dedicated to displaying her curves in fancy swimwear. One picture of her and sister Kendall, both bikini-clad in the sand, was humorously titled "rise and fucking shine" - a nod to her viral catchphrase from last year. 

After giving a shoutout to Dior in the Stormi post and one to Chanel with her dress in another, Kylie showed some love to another luxury brand: Gucci. Today, she wowed us with some close-up solo shots. Her bikini appears to be rather simple in comparison to her previous pieces, but then she zooms in to give a peak of its gold Gucci logo chains. "TALK TO ME NICE," she implores in the caption. Well done, Kylie. 

In other Kylie Jenner news, rumors are circulating that she and Travis Scott might be getting back together